The Pros Episode 13 Valerica Steele and Brick

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April 10, 2023 –

The Pros Episode 13 features Valerica (Val) Steele and Brick Cummings with special guest Stephanie Love playing the role as a realtor. Brick is a WR who just got traded (see Episode 11 Slim Thick Vic and Brick) and now he is looking for a new home in his new city. He is being shown the house by Stephanie Love and when they go outside to the pool area Val is laying out catching some tan. Brick is about to leave and is disgruntled as Stephanie informs him she will go to the office and sort these matters out and be right back. Well, a lot happened while the realtor was gone. Val managed to lock eyes with the football player Brick and once she did he was silly putty. They both then proceed to fuck like wild animals all outside and inside everywhere, even the washer dryer room. Brick made Val squirt over 8 times, and that number may be conservative. She cut a deal if he buys the house they can fuck more often.

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