Flourish University Episode 4 – Lacy Lennon and Isiah Maxwell

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November 18, 2021 – https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Flourish-Univ-Ep-4-Lacy-Lennon-and-Isiah-Maxwell.html

Flourish Univ Episode 4 starts out with new college girls Lacy Lennon and Yumi Sin running into each other in the student den area talking about guys and classes. They then make a detour to the student pool area to get some relaxation in their bikini’s. Soon, Doctor of Dick Philosophy and Dickology Mr. Isiah Maxwell enters the picture. He has room for 1 student and it’s Lacy Lennon who was signed up for his course. Yumi then goes to sign up for Isiah class and let’s just say the blowjob that Lacy lays on Isiah in the pool is a something to behold. They start fucking in the pool and she has an orgasm while doing so. He then takes her to the cabana area and lays his massive 10″ cock on her repeatedly and she orgasms again in doggy, mish and sideways. He picks her up and takes her to a study room and she rides him nonstop and more doggy. The pillow talk is so special between the two and he picks her up and continues to stroke her. They hit the showers for more fucking he gives her a massive load and passing grade.

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