The Pros Episode 10 – UFC Champ house party goes WRONG feat Katalina Kyle and Oliver Flynn

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March 12, 2023 –

The Pros – Episode 10 – UFC Champ house party goes WRONG has Oliver Flynn the UFC undefeated fighter coming home from a big win to a house party being thrown by his agent Black (ref twt AgencybyBlack). The house party is a blast until one of the groupies (Katalina Kyle) decides she wants a piece of the prize fighter. Unbeknownst to Oliver he did not known Katalina actually came with her boyfriend to the party. As things get heated in the kitchen a fight breaks out and all hell breaks loose. After everyone is kicked out Oliver was on his laptop when a unsuspecting knock came the door. IT WAS KATALINA, she came back for some unfinished sexual tension business (she was soooo sly). The xxx hardcore sex took place in the kitchen, the den, the dining room, the bedroom, practically all over the place with sweat and juices going everywhere. So who was undefeated at the end? Check the full scene out to find out.

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