The Pros Ep 6 Lifestyle Masked Secret Society starring Vanna Bardot & Musa Phoenix

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Nov 20, 2022 –

The Pros Porn Series – Lifestyle Masked Event featuring Vanna Bardot, Musa Phoenix (from Episode 5), Violet Cox, Solo The Bull, Nikki Sweets, Electra Rayne, Mandii Marie directed by Mr. Flourish has Musa Phoenix (the professional ball player) in the WRONG place at the RIGHT time. However; he cannot get his fixation off of this mistress leader of sorts as all women are masked (Vanna Bardot) and her group of women and men in suits. As the lifestyle takes over and everyone watches Violet Cox and Solo The Bull have sex, the aroma of curiosity takes over Musa and he must know and experience this mistress leader (Vanna). Once she takes him to a private place he must do something he wasn’t prepared to do and risk his career in order to smash the cakes of Vanna.

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