The Pros Ep 3 – Willow Ryder and Nade Nasty with Daisy Diva and Leah Layz

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July 28, 2022 –

The Pros Episode 3 begins with a standoff between Daisy Diva and Mr. Flourish (both of whom play sports agents) as they try to sway Nade Nasty (a professional skateboard sensation) who has his milf mother (Leah Layz) be his side. Soon Daisy Diva pulls out the guns by having her “closer” Willow Ryder come to the frey and attempt to ‘sway’ Nade to Team Daisy sports agency. As the two sports agents are going at it on the outside ledge, Willow begins to put on her charm as well as her succulent mouth and sexual aggression. Soon Nade is at her mercy and begins to put forth his own style of frenetic sex and the two go at in from the Den to the Bedroom. Plenty of eyes were rolled into the back of each of their heads and the finish.. Can you guess which team Nade chose to sign with?

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