Mona Azar gets the Meat Delivery Man

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July 22, 2021

Mona is having fits, her boyfriend (or soon to be ex named Kyle) has been curving her. So she calls over her friend Jon Jon to vent to him. He clearly understands her issues and suggest they get groceries and pack some meat. She takes that to mean she needs to hop on his cock and get his dick as a way to get over Kyle. So realizes and follows him to the back after a few minutes of contemplating. The sex starts with blowjob, he does pushups while putting his cock in her mouth. They literally go through an insane amount of positions, with plenty of talking as both are competitive in the bedroom. After 40 or so minutes they both are drenched in sweat and he offers a huge load into her mouth. Now she is happy as the MEAT WAS DELIVERED.

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