K1 Racing turns into a BBC Encounter feat Bbygrlgracie, Brick Cummings and Mr. Flourish

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November 12, 2021 – https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/updates/K1-Racing-turns-into-BBC-Encounter.html

Description: K1 Racing turns into BBC Encounter begins at a K1 indoor go cart facility and MrFlourish is registering for a race but see’s Gracie (bbygrlgracie), a PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl) in distressed fussing at some guy on the phone. They begin talking on the couch as they wait for their race to come up and she reveals she is a pornstar who has men TAP OUT. Alot of trash talking before the race so when it begins MrFlourish is trying to SMASH HER (IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE IT SEEMS) go cart with his. Gracie enjoyed the convo and race so they head to the apartment. When MrFlourish walks to get drinks his roommate (played by Brick Cummings) walks in shirtless. The guys go outside and talk about Brick not fucking Gracie as MrFlourish picked her up. Brick promises but Gracie had other thoughts on her mind. She temps him which makes him sweat profusely (see famous sweat MEME) and they go to Bricks room to fuck like wild animals. She squirted all over his cock and they hit over 9 positions in nonstop action. He literally surprised her with a massive cum in mouth which watered her eyes.

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