Flourish University Episode 12: Katie Kinz and James Angel

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Feb 26, 2023 – https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Flourish-University-Katie-Kinz-James-Angel.html

Flourish University episode 12 has Katie Kinz and James Angel (joined by Spicy Jayde and Brick Cummings). The guys are shooting pool to start out with as Brick brags to James about him becoming an RA (residential advisor) in one of the dorms. While the girls talk in their dorm room about a guy that Katie had seen in her astrology class (James). Just so happens that as the girls are hanging out later by the community pool, James comes in to the picture and Katie and James eyes lock. Spicy knows its time for her to exit as Katie wants what she wants. The rest is action at the pool, in the game room pool table, in a dorm bedroom and den couch area. Don’t forget the egg on head in the KITCHEN ! 

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