Flourish University Ep 7 – Gracie Squirts in Sex and Basketball

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Feb 18, 2022 – Scene: https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Flourish-Univ-Ep-7-Gracie-Squirts-in-Sex-and-Basketball.html

The Flourish XXX Drops Flourish University Episode 7 Starring Gracie Squirts

‘Gracie Squirts in Sex and Hoops’ Features Hot PAWG with Mr Lee Bone & More!

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX continues to dominate the adult content market with fresh new releases and high quality, original content pouring out at an incredible rate! Their popular Flourish University series saw a new addition today, as The Flourish XXX released Flourish Univ Ep 7 – Gracie Squirts in sex and hoops.

The hot new Friday release features Gracie Squirts taking on Mr. Lee Bone with appearance by Brick Cummings. The set up starts with gorgeous Gracie griping about her flagging, mid semester test scores. Now she’ll have to study hard for sure! The only trouble is, the walk to the library goes right past the basketball courts, where two hot, shirtless studs are shooting hoops. The boys catch a glimpse and go nuts. They decide on who gets to hit on her first based on who can score.

After Lee wins, he turns his game to Gracie, unaware she planned on having sex with one of them to help her blow off the midterm blues. The sexual tension is obvious as the two head back to the dorms and literally fuck for an hour straight without taking a break. The juicy scene features plenty of squirting ends with him releasing a torrent of hot seed in her face and open mouth. Gracie’s in heaven as she laps up every last drop of creamy love. All her academic worries melt away in a haze of post sex bliss!

“This scene meant a lot to me as I was co-director and me and TJ were just coming up with great idea after great idea,” Gracie explained. “I always felt I was ready for mainstream opportunities and to get to display my talents on The Flourish consistently shows I can be a headliner. Me and Lee were trying to make each other tap out but neither one of us did. It was great!”

It was her costar’s first time working for the company and he really enjoyed himself as well.

“It was a thrill to work with The Flourish XXX team for a first time,” said Lee Bone. “Their creativity is unmatched as far as I am concerned. Brick was cool to work with and Gracie never stopped going at me in the bedroom. I was dehydrated as it went on over an hour straight with one small break.”

Although Brick didn’t get to have sex in the scene, it was still fun. He also learned something.

“It was a dope concept,” Brick said, “but it reminded me never to shoot a basketball around the guys when filming.”

See it now for yourself at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Flourish-Univ-Ep-7-Gracie-Squirts-in-Sex-and-Basketball.html.

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