Captured S2E1 Slimthick Vic and Daisy Diva get Rob Piper

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June 6, 2022 –

In this Captured season 2 episode 1, Rob Piper was minding his own business getting gas at the gas station when suddenly a man (AJ Fresh) goes to do his windshield wiper but pulls a gun out on him. What ensued was a fight in public that somehow AJ subdued Rob. Rob was brought back to a mansion and was confronted by the ‘new’ girls trying to take over LA. Daisy Diva and her Partner in crime Slimthick Vic (aka Vic Marie). After some verbal sparring, someone slapping the shit out of Rob and a girls tryst … when they return they thought Rob had escaped but low and behold he reversed the situation on them. The rest… as they say.. is history (and over 55 min of fucking). Who wins, what deals were made. Watch to find out.

Rob got Daisy and SlimThick Vic trying to negotiate
We know how it ends

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