Captured Episode 9 – Gianna Dior the Crime Boss

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April 18, 2022 –

Desc: Captured Episode 9 – Gianna Dior the Crime Boss finds her in an all out war with Marsalles Flourish. They are battling over a priceless artifact worth $50 million. As Gianna obtains it, she doesn’t know that a Double Agent (who works for Mr Flourish and low-key just infiltrated her ranks) Brick Cummings is on the investigation path. Joined with Isiah Maxwell, they help RELIVE THE PRESSURE that is surmounting on Gianna. The IR BBC threesome action was non stop, with double blowjobs, rimming / ass eating, inverted sex, as they hit positions never seen in porn with a double cumshot (Face and Pussy) in the end !


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