Captured Episode 8 – Savannah Bond and Troy Francisco

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March 21, 2022 –

Description: Captured Episode 8 has Savannah Bond and Troy Francisco being congratulated by Marsellus Flourish as their crime wave organization is running on all cylinders. However; just in the warehouse he has a little surprise for them. Being held was a former colleague of his Keith who has just been told to get out of town, the city wasn’t big enough for the both of them anymore. When Keith who is tied up resist both Troy and Savannah rough him up a bit. After that ordeal is done the two performers find themselves relaxing upstairs in the lounge of the warehouse office. Savannah tells Troy it’s been months since she got real DICK and Troy seems to feel the sexual tension between the two. They then start to have some of the most intense sex including slapping, over 8 positions, pure sweat drenching down both of them, fucking on a stripper stage on a pole, and they take turns sexually dominating each other. With a massive cumshot at the end.

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