Captured Episode 14 Penelope Woods, Ray Ray, Daisy Diva, Ace Hardz, Brick Cummings

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Oct 9, 2022 –

In Cap Episode 14, Penelope Woods had her girlfriends over for some jacuzzi fun and some 3 girl on girl on girl play. She wanted to celebrate some big financial scores. Little did she know that her place was about to be ran up on by the syndicate that WANTED IN on her scores (what happens in the VIP room guess it doesn’t stay there lol). Ray Ray was in on the plot and after her and Daisy Diva got TAKEN Penelope was shocked to see who else was in on it. Watch the scene to find out. As for the BBC Threesome sex, it was marvelous, enjoy this 1 hour and 5 min Reality Porn scene.

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