Captured Episode 05 – Swat Crew Gone Dirty (All Anal Scene)

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January 28, 2022 –

Description: Captured Episode 05 – Swat Crew Gone Dirty (heavy anal) has SWAT team member Isiah Maxwell arriving at a warehouse being escorted up the shaft elevator by two women. Isiah didn’t know who they were but the important call he received made him curious to go along with things. When he reached upstairs he was asked to wait and to his surprise was his SWAT partner ! Isiah’s look on his face was priceless and then he was told he had to break into the DEA database at Langley Base. He didn’t want to do it but Keira Croft wasn’t making it easy on him by blowing him while he had a laptop provided to break the government encryption. He was unsuccessful with time running out but his partner had Margarita Lopez hold a g.u.n. (prop) to his head threatening him to break it or else. When the sirens were heard he finally broke it and then he was able to work out his stress with 30-40 min of ANAL SEX to Keira Croft.  The intensity was amazing throughout this Cap episode

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