Captured Episode 03 – Charly and Margarita meet enforcer Troy

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October 27, 2021 –

Captured Episode 03 finds Charly Summer walking with her gal pal Margarita Lopez on a sunny day in LA. Charly is bragging about a new gig she has and the money $ she has been making and they should go party in vegas to trick off some money. However; as they reach the corner of a subdivision street one of the Enforcers, Troy Francisco, of the LA Sydicate and his partner get them girls and puts them in the trunk to take them somewhere. Next thing they know they are in front of Mr. Marsellus Flourish (think pulp fiction) and he is threatening the girls with pay up the money Charly has stolen in 24 hours or else. Margarita doesn’t want any of the smoke and gets taken away to a holding area while Charly decides to fuck for debt repayment. Troy Francisco then proceeds to fuck her all over the balcony, the den, the bedroom (anywhere) in an intense sex session. Also appearing Anthony Pierce in this episode.

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