Captured: Ep 11 Tommy King and Air Thugger

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August 5, 2022 –

Cap Episode 11 has some brothas trying to rob a stash house for jewels. Air Thugger who works under Marsallas Flourish in a previous episode (Desiree Nevada & Oliver) had his pal Josh with him and figured that he could get a quick payday. Little did he know that the house owner was there in hiding (Tommy King) with her home girl Gracie Squirts (in an upcoming Cap scene – Part 2) and when Thugger doesn’t suspect the TABLES ARE TURNED on him by Tommy.  The girls take the guys to a secluded spot in the back to have their way and do away with them perhaps but have the pleasure in embarrassing them first. Gracie takes Josh away but Tommy has other plans with “you’re too pretty to just do away with” Air Thugger.  She takes him inside and holds him up and say you first need to ‘eat this pussy’. Thugger gets on his needs and eats pussy as well as eats ASS. But the two discover their sexual chemistry is undeniable in this reality porn thriller. 

Tommy with the @%& to the back of Air Thugger as he got caught

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