Amateur Anal Gonzo of Gia Lovely (Lov3ly) and Brick Cummings

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January 20, 2022 –

Article from XBIZ –

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Flourish Amateurs has released a new vignette starring Gia Lov3ly opposite Brick Cummings.

The pair waste no time getting together in what a rep called “some of the hottest amateur action you’ve ever seen,” noting they were “so well-matched and enjoyed each other so much that they did an impromptu POV scene.”

Cummings added, “Gia is a lot of fun, has plenty of energy and is easy to work with. I would definitely work with her again.”

Lov3ly said she is “quite amazed” by how much TheFlourishXXX has grown and how [director] TJ is “doing his own thing, not the usual basic strategies or structure the rest of the industry has going on. They are branching out and showing new faces of women that have earned their place in this industry, and I applaud that.”

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